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Asia-Pacific Connectathons in Australia

IHE is forming a regional deployment group in the Asia-Pacific Region.

It is intended that this group will cover countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and others that broadly make up the S.E Asia and Oceania Market. We expect to join IHE Japan, China and Korea as part of the broader Asia-Oceania regional group.

The 2008 Connectathon was held in Canberra July 28 to Aug 1st, 2008. 11 Australian and international e-Health system vendors tested 18 products against IHE International and local Australian profiles - 15 products attained an internationally recognised IHE compliance test and 9 products tested successfully to the Australian profiles. For details see the official 2008 Australian IHE Connectathon Report.

It is planned to again hold a Connectathon in 2009.

  • An excellent chance to update profile implementation and testing in 2009
  • Meet with Asia-Pacific regional health IT providers
  • Maximize and leverage the corporate investment in IHE in the Asia-Pacific market

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