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Connectathon testing involves sample documents provided by participants. These are most often CDA documents. You can extract individual samples from Gazelle with assisted navigation. You can also grab zip files from this page with extracts from Gazelle (but less navigation).

The table will list extracts over time. The most recent extract will be first in the table. The description of the spreadsheet and zip layout is found below the table.

Event Extract Date/Time Spreadsheet Zip Archive
NA 2011 2011.01.18 / 23:30 na-samples-20110118-2330.xls
NA 2011 2011.01.17 / 22:50 na-samples-20110117-2335.xls
NA 2011 2011.01.17 / 12:42 na-samples-20110117-1242.xls
NA 2011 2011.01.13 / 13:50 na-samples-20110113-1350.xls
NA 2011 2011.01.03 / 10:00 na-samples-20110103-1000.xls

Zip Layout

The zip archive is a collection of folders. The name of each folder is a number that corresponds to a sample instance in Gazelle. Each instance is one sample that has been submitted by a Connectathon participant, including the sample itself (a file) and further documentation provided (e.g., screen captures).

You will find one or more folders inside each instance folder. These second level folders will contain the samples and further documentation. They represent another layer to help separate the submitted files.

Each file submitted by a participant is stored using the name from the local participant's computer. That is not controlled by Gazelle and may include space or other characters.

Spreadsheet Columns

Header Description
instance_id The identifier of the sample instance in the Gazelle database. This is the number used to name the top level folder in the zip archive.
system_keyword Keyword from Gazelle that labels the system providing the sample. This is the keyword you see for referencing your system or your test partner's system.
object_id Index value from Gazelle indicating the object type. Use this column to sort if you want to group similar objects.
object_keyword Corresponds directly to the object_id. Human friendly, and you can sort on it.
object_description Longer description of the object. This is a controlled value from Gazelle linked to object_id. It is not free text, so you might choose to sort on this.
file_name As entered by the user who uploaded the sample. This is not controlled by Gazelle.
coded_status A status value from Gazelle that gives the status of the sample. You are better off viewing the next (status) column.
status A text status of the sample from a controlled vocabulary:
  • Pre-Connectathon sample
  • examined - sample not valid
  • If there is no value, it means the monitors have not made an evaluation.
last_changed Timestamp

Sample Status

Gazelle keeps the pre-Connectathon samples in the same storage area as Connectathon samples. We make the pre-Connectathon samples available to you for reference, but these are not the samples used during the Connectathon. They have not been validated. Use them at your own risk.

During the Connectathon itself, we instruct the participants to use only those samples with status:


Let the monitors make sure the documents are valid CDA and conform to the specifications written in the content profiles.

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