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Connectathon Managers' Resources for Implementers

This page is maintained by the Connectathon Manager. If your company has signed you up to participate in the European Connectathon in April 2009, you should bookmark this page and come back often.

The resources you need to succeed at the Connectathon are found below. Good luck, and ask us questions if you need help. -- Eric


Important Dates

  • Nov. 4th : Registration open
  • Jan. 15th : Registration closes
  • Jan. 31st: Connectathon Fees are due
  • Feb 2nd-3rd: Participant Workshop in Vienna (cancelled replaced by webinar as announced on the IHE EUROPE 2009 google group)
  • March 31st : MESA results are due. This is for all participants in European 2009 Connect-a-thon
  • April 15th : Configuration information due for all participants in European 2009 Connect-a-thon.
  • April 20-24th : Connectathon at the Remise in Vienna, Austria

Important Documents


Gazelle is used for the Connectathon registration process. The link to gazelle will be open on the week of Novembre 3rd, 2008. We are currently finnishing the tests and are thankful to your patience.

  1. You need to create an account. Gazelle allow more than one user per company. The first one to create the login for a company, is automatically assign the role of company administrator.
  2. Once your account is created and you have provided the information about your company and you can then register systems.
  3. Upon system registration, generate the contract, print it, sign it and send it the connectathon project manager per email and to IHE Europe per surface mail
  4. Invoice will be send upon reception of the contract. First per email, then per surface mail, this to speed processing
  5. Use the Jira bug reporting tool to report any problem you find when using Gazelle. You will need to create an account to report bugs.

Thorough / Supportive Testing

The default registration in Gazelle is for thorough testing.

If you want to register for Supportive Testing, you should consult the File:Supportive thorough testing-2009-2.xls spreadsheet. It lists the profiles to be tested and the procedure for requesting Supportive Testing. After Feb 15th, you can no longer request supportive testing.

You need to have the IHE integration statement of the product you are testing published on your company web page. Please provide that link (link to the integration statement itself, not the link to the page that contains 50 integration statements). Please provide also the list of connectathons where you have tested the actor/profile in the past.

Connectathon Fees

Connectathon fees are as following. There are system fees and domain fees. The fee for the first system is 2750 Euro, and 2850 Euro for the following ones (second, third, fourth...) registered by your company. The domain fee is 750 Euro. IT-I as a second domain is free.

So as an example:

  • Company ACME registers one system for the Radiology domain. The fee is 2750+750 = 3500.
  • Company BIGMED registers 2 systems that participate to the domain IT-I and Radiology. The fee are : 2750+2850+750 = 6350

All prices exclude VAT. VAT is Belgium VAT. If your company is headquarted in Belgium you will have to pay the VAT. If your company is headquarted in the EU but outside Belgium and you have an Intra-community VAT number the VAT will be waived. If your company if headquarted outside of EU you will not be charged for VAT.

Mailing List

Year 2008 group is now closed, please register to the new group : IHE Europe 2009 Google Group

Registering to the google group does not register you to the connectathon. This is only giving you access to the mailing list information.

Participant Workshop

The participant workshop is cancelled as announced on IHE Europe 2009 google group

A webinar is organized with the participants to review the organization of the connectathon. 2 instances will take place (repeated information) on

  • Monday February the 2nd from 2pm to 4pm and
  • Tuesday February the 3rd from 10am to 12am

Please register on Doodle

In addition a complete series of webinar can viewed by the participants.

  • Session 1: Overview of the IHE Connectathon Testing Process for New Participants
  • Session 2: Pathfinding: HIT Products and IHE Profiles
  • Session 3: Radiology, Mammography and Nuclear Medicine
  • Session 4: Eye Care
  • Session 5: Laboratory
  • Session 6: Patient Care Devices
  • Session 7: Quality, Research and Public Health
  • Session 8: Cardiology
  • Session 9: IT Infrastructure: Profiles for Health Information Exchange
  • Session 10: Patient Care Coordination Integration Profiles
  • Session 11: IT Infrastructure: Security and Privacy
  • Session 12: IT Infrastructure: New Profiles for 2008
  • Session 13: Connectathon Registration How-To
  • Session 14: IT Infrastructure: Profiles within the Enterprise

Slides from Feb 2nd and 3rd Webinar‎

Pre Connectathon Testing

From Mid January to March 2009 Implementation & Pre-connectathon Testing

  • Requirements Documents for Implementers
    • The page Summary of IHE Technical Requirements lists the set of IHE documents that should be consulted. The Connectathon relies on requirements defined in the IHE Technical Frameworks. For some profiles, those requirements are contained in more than one document. This occurs because we have final text from prior years and then supplements and Change Proposals for the current year. Use this page as a pointer to the relevant documentation for each profile.
  • Profile Risk Assessment
    • Connectathon registration is now closed. Subscription to individual profiles is never uniform. The page Europe 2009 Profile Registration Overview (you need to be logged in before reaching that page) lists each profile and our assessment of our ability to test the profile during the April 2009 Connectathon. The page provides a report of participation to each profile. Profile with missing actors are at risk. If you fill insecure about the testability of a profile please contact the technical manager.
  • Pre-Connnectathon (MESA) Testing - Each system participating in a Connectathon is required to run a set of pre-Connectathon tests, based on the actors/profiles you registered for, and upload the test results into Gazelle (link to be provided later) . First find out which tests are required for your system, then download the tools and documentation you need.
  • Collaborative Resources for Implementers
  • Project Manager Defined Testable Assertions

OIDs assigned for Connectathon Testing

For the Vienna connectathon, the Project Managers assign OID values for several actors within the "Affinity Domain" defined for Connectathon testing.


The connectathon will take place within the remise, Engerthstraße 160 - 178, 1020 Wien, Austria. View location on Googlemaps

Hotel information can be found on the IHE Austria web pages.

Participant Registration

Participants to the connectathon need to register here in order to get their badges and to make sure that we order enough lunches ! Note that if you need special meals (vegetarian) you can mention it there.

Shipping Address

the systems can be delivered from April 8 onwards to:

Remise Wien
Engerthstraße 160-178
1020 Wien


Martin Trinkler
+43 676 888 90 106

References & Preparation for Connectathon week


to be completed soon

Planned Demonstrations

  • HC 2009 Showcase, April 28-30 2009 in Arrogate, UK. Contact is Ewen Sylvester (ewen _AT_ Purpose is to demonstrate XDS and XDS-I
  • UKRC 2009 Showcase, June 8-10 2009 in Manchester, UK. Contact is Ewen Sylvester (ewen _AT_
  • DRK 2009 Showcase, May 20-23 2009 in Berlin, Germany. Contact is Hans Peter Bursig (Bursig _AT_ ZVEI.Org) Intention is to demonstrate SWF, XDS-I and PDI
  • JFR'2009 : XDS-I and REM, October 16-20 in Paris, Palais des Congrès Porte Maillot.
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