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Connectathon Managers' Resources for Implementers

This page is maintained by the Connectathon Managers (Poiseau, Eichelberg, Moore, Felhofer). If your company has signed you up to participate in the European American Connectathon in April, you should bookmark this page and come back often.


ensure you get Connectathon-related announcements by registering for the Europe 2010 Connectathon google group:

After that, the resources you need to succeed at the Connectathon are found below. Good luck, and ask us questions if you need help. -- Eric


June-Aug 2009: Webinar Training Series

IHE presented its annual series of free Web teleconference sessions for vendors preparing to take part in IHE Connectathons and Interoperability Showcases in 2010 and others interested in the IHE testing process and interoperability specifications, or IHE Profiles, developed in ten active IHE domains.

Details and archives of these webinars are found here:

January 2010: Connectathon Registration

Registration closed January 17th, 2010 on:

Here are some registration hints for first-time EHR participants:

What's New for 2009-2010

This section is for returning participants who need a quick overview of what has changed from last year. New readers may also find this information helpful.

List of Integration Profiles Offered for Testing

These Integration Profiles are offered for testing at the IHE 2010 North American and European Connectathon

Thorough / Supportive Testing

First-time Participant

First-time participants are encourage to contact Eric Poiseau and have a phone conversation before the webinars early april will take place.

Jan-Mar 2010: Implementation & Pre-connectathon testing

Requirements Documents for Implementers

  • The page Summary of IHE Technical Requirements lists the set of IHE documents that should be consulted. The Connectathon relies on requirements defined in the IHE Technical Frameworks. For some profiles, those requirements are contained in more than one document. This occurs because we have final text from prior years and then supplements and Change Proposals for the current year. Use this page as a pointer to the relevant documentation for each profile.

Pre-Connnectathon (MESA) Testing

Each system participating in a Connectathon is required to run a set of pre-Connectathon tests, based on the actors/profiles you registered for, and upload the test results into the connectathon webtool Kudu: First find out which tests are required for your system, then download the tools and documentation you need.

ATNA profile testing policy for NA2010 Connectathon

This policy, prompted by a newly-approved Change Proposal to the ATNA profile, applies to all systems testing as an ATNA Secure Node, Secure Application or Audit Record Repository actor: ATNA_Testing_Policy_NA2010.doc (Revised 2009.12.08)

Detailed Testing Notes on ATNA Profile for NA 2010

In addition to the policy above, there are some practical matters for ATNA testing. Please read ATNA Testing NA 2010

Collaborative Resources for Implementers

Tools available for Internet Testing

New PIX/PIXv3 & PDQ/PDQv3 tools from NIST for Pre-Connectathon tests

Internet MESA Tools

March 2010: Connectathon Preparation

To start Connectathon week prepared, there are technical tasks (eg configuration) you must complete before arriving in Chicago. Here is the documentation you need to complete those tasks before you ship your system. To determine which tasks are required for you, scan down the first 2 columns in the table to find the profiles/actors which match those implemented in your connectathon test system.

Profile Actor(s) Your Required Task Reference(s)
All All Load your system with your partners' configuration information (eg. ports, URLs, DICOM AE Titles...) See Gazelle under Configuration-->All confitguration....
ATNA Secure Nodes, Secure Applications Install your digital certificate on your system
ATNA Secure Nodes, Secure Applications Complete the ATNA Questionnaire and submit it with your pre-Connectathon results
PCC profiles Content Creators Test your documents against the schematron files used by the NIST CDA Guideline Validation Tool

...or from the download page at:

Please note that these schematron files check for conformance against IHE PCC rules only. Running XML documents through these schematron files will not check them against any Clinical Document Architecture Release 2 (CDA R2), Continuity of Care (CCD) or CDA For Common Document Types (CDA4CDT) rules which the PCC specifications may require.

SWF, CATH, ECHO, STRESS, MAWF ADT, OP, OF, MOD Load HL7 & DICOM code tables onto your system.
XDS.b Document Registry Load demographics (Identifiers in Affinity Domain) for these patients onto your system. Patient demographics associated with the 3 affinity domains
XDS.b Doc Registries, Doc Sources, Doc Consumers Load OIDs/Codes for XDS metadata onto your systems. In gazelle under Configuration-->All configuration
XCA Gateways Configure your system with your homeCommunityID OID In gazelle under Configuration-->All configuration
PIX, PIXv3, PDQ, PDQv3 with Pediatric Demo option PIX Patient Identity Source or PDQ Supplier Load these pediatric demographics for these patients onto your system. Media:Connectathon_TwinUseCases.xls
PIX, PIXv3 PIX Manager Load demographics for these patients onto your system. Patient demographics associated with the 3 affinity domains
PDQ, PDQv3 Patient Demog. Supplier Load demographics for these patients onto your system. Patient demographics associated with the 3 affinity domains
SVS Value Set Repositories Load these SVS-formatted code set onto your system. ZIP file with connectathon codes in SVS format
Radiology, Cardiology, ITI all workflow actors Read through full workflow tests to be run on Wed & Thur of connectathon week Media:SWFPIR_workflow.doc Media:XDS_workflow.doc Media:ECHO_workflow.doc Media:STRESS_workflow.doc

12-16 April, 2010: Connectathon Week Survival

The Connectathon Managers define the Connectathon test process used during Connectathon week. It is based on the IHE Technical Frameworks, experience in the industry, and prior Connectathons.

This section lists supplemental documents you will need during the Bordeaux Connectathon. These documents apply only to that connectathon.

Training Material

We maintain training material for both participants and monitors. The training is usually a description of how to use some of the tools you will need during the pre-Connectathon or Connectathon stages.

Training Material / Webex Sessions for NA 2010 Training

Multiple Email Lists

There are multiple email lists for participants preparing for the connectathon. The event is large enough that a single email list is not particularly useful. Below is the list of Google Groups that we use to manage communication.

Group Page Comment Focused Google Group for those participating in the Bordeaux connectathon Focused Google Group for testing/demonstration of Patient Care Devices. Both demonstration and Connectathon testing. Focused Google Group for implementation of XDS. No demonstration questions. Focused on implementation questions for PCC profiles. No demonstration questions.

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