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Audit Record Repository Test Cases


Audit Record Repository Tests

11108: ATNA -- Syslog Sender test

This is a test of transaction ITI-20 Record Audit Event.

As an Audit Record Repository, you will receive messages from Secure Node and Secure Application systems.

In this test, you will receive audit messages from a web-based application on the internet -- the Syslog Sender -- acting as a Secure Node.


1. First, to learn about and access the 'Syslog Sender', read this Syslog Sender information page

2. Test your Repository by using the tool to send audit messages to your ARR.

3. If you can capture evidence on your system (eg a log file) that shows you've successfully received a message, you can upload that into gazelle as the results for this test. Otherwise, just create a .txt file containing a statement that you have successfully received audit messages from the Syslog Sender.


We will examine your results for evidence that you have successfully received messages from the Syslog Sender.

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