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Generic Test Cases


Document Responder test cases & instructions

950: Connectathon test data for MHD Document Responder


This pre-connectathon 'test' is intended to ensure that the MHD Document Responder arrives at the Connectathon loaded with test data that will enable its partner Document Consumer to do queries and retrieves during Connectathon testing.

We do not use a standard, pre-defined data set that must be hosted on (or accessible by) the Document Responder. Instead, we ask the Document Responder to have access to DocumentManifest and DocumentReference Resources, **ideally** with these characteristics:

  • Separate DocumentManifests and DocumentReference Resources should exist for different patients (at least three different subjects...more is better) with a status of 'current'
  • One of the patients should have multiple DocumentManifests / DocumentReference Resources. Two is ok.
  • These DocumentManifest and DocumentReference Resources should have different values for
    • type
    • author
    • created
  • One of the DocumentManifests should reference multiple documents


There is nothing you need to do in gazelle for this pre-Connectathon test.

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