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Pictures from Connectathons

Pictures from Connectathons

Common Resources - NA and European Connectathons

Entries Below Here are Historical and Not Current

Any entry below this section is maintained for historical reference and is not current. Do not use any material below this line for the NA or European Connectathons. Current Connectathon information may be accessed via

2014 Connectathon Resources

2013 Connectathon Resources

2012 Connectathon Resources

2011 Connectathon Resources

2010 Connectathon Resources

2009 Connectathon Resources

2008 Connectathon Resources

IHE Technical Requirements: 2008 NA and Oxford Connectathons

The Connectathon relies on requirements defined in the IHE Technical Frameworks. For some profiles, those requirements are written in separate documents. This occurs because we have final text from prior years and then supplements and Change Proposals for the current year.

The page Summary of IHE Technical Requirements lists the set of IHE documents that should be consulted.

2008 North American Connectathon

2008 Oxford Connectathon Resources

2007 Connectathon Resources

Getting started

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