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This page is specific to the IHE 2008 North America Connectathon. It does not apply to other Connectathons.

This page list exceptions to the rule that says you must complete 3 instances of each test with 3 different test partners. We will publish some of the exceptions in advance of the Connectathon. We will update this page during the week of the Connectathon, so please check each morning and each evening during the Connectathon week.

Profile/Actors Test Exception Comments

ATNA / Secure Node

ATNA / Secure Application

ATNA Inquisition Each Secure Node or Secure Application completes one instance of this test One interview, send audit messages to one ARR as directed by ATNA monitors.
CT / Time Client CT Client Synch Each Time Client will perform one instance of this test. You should connect to the one Time Server at the Connectathon ( Spectracom is providing the server.
PCC Content Profiles / Content Creator XXX Publish Document and XXX Scrutinize Document

Run one instance of these tests.

Get them submitted Monday.

You still run 3 instances of the XXX Process Document test

All PCC content profiles follow the pattern where the Content Creator publishes a sample document (that is a test) and a monitor scrutnizes the document (that is a separate test).

SWF / Modality

SWF / Evidence Creator

SWF MOD Store Run one instance of this test Place a sample on the Central Archive
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