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NA2011 Connectathon Managers' Resources for Implementers

This page is maintained by the Connectathon Managers (Moore, Felhofer). If your company has signed you up to participate in the North American Connectathon in January, you should bookmark this page and come back often. First:

  1. ensure you get Connectathon-related announcements by registering for the NA2011 Connectathon google email group
  2. read the resource documents (rules, timeline, fact sheett) on
  3. After you read through the material below, you may still have questions. We have a new page this year to help you find the right person to answer your questions: North Amercian Connectathon Support Tree

After that, the resources you need to succeed at the Connectathon are found below. Good luck, and ask us questions if you need help.
-- Steve and Lynn



Timeline of Preparation Activities

September through January - Monthly Preparation Tasks

These monthly pages will guide you through the required Connectathon preparation tasks:

Sep-Oct 2010 Sept-Oct Tasks & Resources Connectathon Registration
Oct-Nov 2010 Oct-Nov Tasks & Resources

Pre-Connectathon Testing / ATNA & Digital Certs / Supportive Testing / Samples / Configuration

Dec 2010 December Tasks & Resources Configuration / Code Tables / Demographics / Participant Registration / Internet Tests / Service Kit
Jan 2011 Connectathon Survival Resources Connectathon!

Guidance on getting your questions answered

With many connectathon-related activities, it may be hard to know the right person to ask when you have a question. We hope this page helps:

Training Resources and Webinars

Connectathon tools & test plan training

We maintain training material for both participants and monitors. The training is usually a description of how to use some of the tools or test plans you will need during the pre-Connectathon or Connectathon stages.

Training Material / Webex Sessions for NA2011 Connectathon Training

June-Aug 2011: IHE Webinar Series

IHE presented its annual series of free Web teleconference sessions for vendors preparing to take part in IHE Connectathons and Interoperability Showcases in 2011 and others interested in the IHE testing process and interoperability specifications, or IHE Profiles, developed in ten active IHE domains.
Details and archives of these webinars are found here:

Requirements Documents for Implementers

  • The page Summary of IHE Technical Requirements lists the set of IHE documents that should be consulted during connectathon preparation. The Connectathon relies on requirements defined in the IHE Technical Frameworks. For some profiles, those requirements are contained in more than one document. This occurs because we have final text from prior years and then supplements and Change Proposals for the current year. Use this page as a pointer to the relevant documentation for each profile.

IHE NA2011 Connectathon News Bursts

Rather than send more email during the Connectathon week with many reminders, we will post news items here. Please refer to this page when you first arrive in the morning and then late afternoon (17:00)

Communication - Email Lists

There are multiple email lists for participants in the IHE NA2011 Connectathon. The event is large enough that a single email list is not particularly useful. Here is the list of Google Groups that we use to manage communication:

North American 2011 Connectathon Participants This is the main google group for announcements from Project Managers and Sponsors. It can also be used for participant questions, but please see the lists below. If you are an engineer participating in this event, you need to be included in this group. Not used for demonstration/show case traffic or technical questions about specific profiles or tests.
HIMSS 2011 Showcase Participants This is for announcements for the HIMSS 2011 Showcase. Sign up for the Interoperability Showcase email list by contacting
Implementers of XDS-related profiles Focused on implementation questions for XDS. Also used for announcements related to NIST's XDS toolkit. No demonstration questions.
Implementers of PCC domain profiles Focused on implementation questions for PCC profiles. No demonstration questions.
Implementers of Patient Care Devices domain profiles Focused on testing/demonstration of Patient Care Devices. Both demonstration and Connectathon testing.
PIX/PDQ Implementers For those testing PIX/PIXv3/PDQ/PDQv3
IHE MIR MESA Support Support for MIR/MESA tools. That is, many things not covered by the groups above.

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