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Aug-2012 and later: This page not current

This page is no longer maintained. Please refer to for IHE's technical framework documentation

Explanation of Tables

This page is targeted at IMPLEMENTERS of actors in IHE Profiles.

During each testing season, implementers of actors must pull together several pieces of documentation in order to understand the full set of requirements. It can be a challenge to find all of the pieces. This page, compiled by the Technical Project Managers based on their work with the Technical Committees, is intended to provide an index, per profile, to the applicable documentation.

Each testing season, the various IHE Domain Technical Committees officially publish on four types of Technical Framework documentation. Each of these is produced by the committees after months of discussion, review, public comment and revision. In the tables below, this official, committee-produced documentation is indicated by white (unshaded) rows.

  1. The Final Text (FT) Technical Framework for its domain
  2. Trial Implementation (TI) Supplement(s)
  3. Schemas and WSDLs, applicable to some profiles
  4. Approved Change Proposals which apply to published FT and TI documentation (ie approved changes to text that will be rolled-in as part of next season's updates). It is important for implementors to monitor CPs and keep their implementations up-to-date.

In addition, implementers will benefit from additional documentation created for some profiles. The source of this documentation varies (profile authors, connectathon managers, test tool writers, other implementers...). It differs from the previous list because it is not officially published material, and has not undergone as rigorous a review process. It lives in various locations outside of In the tables below, this supporting documentation is indicated by italic, orange-shaded rows. This includes, for example:

  1. Implementer's notes
  2. Examples (eg example CDA documents)
  3. Connectathon requirements, eg Code Tables, OIDs which must be implemented on a system under test, etc.
  4. Testable assertions
  5. others...

See Also

Mailing Lists exist for all IHE Domains, most IHE Regions and most implementation projects (such as IHE Connectathons and IHE Demonstrations).

OHF-dev is a mailing list with useful discussions for IHE developers.

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