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The tool

The XDS Test Log Browser can be used to view the results of your submissions to the Public Registry. It runs in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari web browsers.

Launch the test log browser with the URL http://ihexds.nist.gov:12080/LogReader (or click here).

The left side of the display shows a listing of all recent submissions to the Public Registry from your current IP address. Your IP address is sensed through your browser connection. Selecting a row displays the details of the event on the right. A row in red indicated error and a row in blue indicates no errors detected.

The right side may have up to 4 tabs across the top:

HTTP - HTTP header details
Soap - SOAP header details
Other - Metadata (request and response), SSuid (XDSSubmissionSet.uniqueId), Structure (indication of the Documents, Folders, Associations contained in submission), Patient ID. The last item in this section is the Response send back.
Error - details of errors returned

The small document icon shown next to each item is a button that will copy the contents of that section onto your Clipboard allowing you to paste the contents into your favorite tool for formatting and analysis.

Xds test log screen.jpg

The two panel on the left allow to do some special searches.

The filter panel allows to search by IP Filter , Test passed or failed , or Company.

The user can use one field of his choice or any combinations of them.

The Display table allows to modify the display options such as the number of pages displayed in the listing of messages, the refresh interval in minute and the interval of the messages received.


Registering your Vendor Name

If you want help from the test managers in diagnosing testing problems you must register as a vendor using one of two procedures:

  • Running test 11710 from the test kit (see Test Kit Download in Testing Tools).
  • Using the sign-in panel available when launching the Test Log Browser (note: this panel will not display if your current IP address is already known to the browser)

When you launch the Test Log Browser you may be prompted to enter your Vendor Name. This happens when you have Log Events in the Test Log (for your IP address) but have not registered your Vendor Name against that IP address. When you enter your Vendor Name (it is optional) the tool links Vendor Name to IP address. Later when a test manager views the test log he will see your Vendor Name in his display and can more easily find your log records.

Logging the message id

Some tests require you to submit results by logging the test message id. This is shown in the Message ID field on the right side of the display (see screen capture above). Log the link behind the id to Kudu in a file named testlog.txt.

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