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Many IHE documents are defined in terms of CDA or other document types that are XML documents. Some IHE documents are XML documents that are defined by IHE and are not defined by an SDO.

This page contains style sheets that we use to evaluate content (not form) of these documents. We specify the content the document should contain and provide a style sheet that help a human compare the document under test with the content that was expected.

Consider this version 1 of this kind of test. A better implementation would use Schematron or some other mechanism and only show places where the document differed from expected content. These style sheets show both expected and submitted content.

The style sheets below rely on a folder of included style sheets: expected.zip

IHE Profile Document Type Style Sheet
XDS-MS / Discharge CDA XDSMSDischarge_content_test.xsl
XDS-MS / Referral CDA XDSMSReferral_content_test.xsl
CTNN CDA CTNN_content_test.xsl
EDPN CDA EDPN_content_test.xsl
EDR CDA EDR_content_test.xsl
IC CDA IC_content_test.xsl
NN CDA NN_content_test.xsl
TN CDA TN_content_test.xsl


  1. Download the zip file expected.zip. Unzip the file, and maintain the folder structure (one folder named expected).
  2. Download the desired style sheet from the table above. The style sheet references expected/xxx.xsl, so it should be stored in the same folder as expected, not under expected.
  3. Use your favorite XML tool to associate the style sheet with the XML file under test.
  4. Open the XML file under test. The style sheet should show you what values are expected and what values are provided in the file under test.
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